Sony A7iii & Canon EOS M50 Announced and Fujifilm X-H1 Released – Camera News


Camera News

As you may or may not have seen both Sony and Canon announced some new cameras this week but is it too little too late? There are a few other random camera tidbits to talk about as well. Let’s discuss.

Sony A7iii

Lets start off with Sony. I’ve never been a huge fan of Sony’s offerings for 1 main reason and its because the user interface and battery life leaves little to be desired. This week Sony announced the follow up to the Sony A7ii the A7iii. Let’s talk about the battery life. This has always been a pretty sore point for me and many other camera enthusiasts. Sony claims that the new A7iii has the best battery life of any mirrorless camera ever. Period. Full-stop. Its apparently rated for up-to 710 shots which sounds really good on paper but i guess we will just have to see how it performs in person.

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Sony is just starting to jump aboard the touchscreen bandwagon and if you ask me its about time. I feel like they are constantly playing catch up with features that are staples with pretty much every other camera manufacturer. Speaking of features as like the rest of the Sony A7 series cameras it sports a full-frame sensor. This sensor is a new one though.

It’s rocking a new 24MP sensor which does all of the Sony things one of which is high ISO shooting up to a staggering ISO204800. Which is pretty exceptional.

Other features include the inclusion of USB-C, Dual SD card slots, its weather sealed. There is the ability to film in S-Log3 and a Hybrid Log Gamma for all of the HDR’s however there is still no 4K60.

For me the jury is still out because all of these features can basically be had on the Fujifilm XT-2 or even the XT-20 for less money.

As far as pricing is concerned its around the same price as the Lumix GH5 which places it quite well among the high end hybrid and mirrorless cameras. Its release is set for April 2018.

Canon EOS M50

Onto the announcement from Canon. Im only going to focus on one announcement in particular because the others just dont interest me that much. I have been turned off canon cameras for a while because they just dont have the excitement and wow factor that they used to have. That being said I think they are starting to see the light.

Canon announced its first 4K Mirrorless camera The EOS M50 and if you ask me its about f#@$# time. In fact its only 4 years too late. Canon has needed to play catch up for years but they just do not listen to their users and their community. Their mentality is that people will buy their shitty cameras because they are well Canon. And they are right. People just don’t know how to think for themselves. Anyways enough ranting lets talk about the actual camera.

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The first thing that stands out to me initially is the size. Canon is notorious for making cameras that are just too big and too heavy for the features that they include. The M50 does none of those things. Its absolutely tiny and I like tiny.

What they have done is basically crammed all of the the features from a Canon EOS 80D and added 4K but with one hand they giveth they taketh away. The maximum framerate for the 4K is wait for it. one gives a fuck because its not true 24fps. They could have at least pushed the framerate up to 30 but still no inclusion of 4K60. Its fine I get it its only one of the EOS M cameras but still it would have been nice.

The price is actually pretty good it comes as a body only for approx $780USD and $900USD including a 15-45mm. That is actually pretty good for what it is however as before you can pickup a Fujifilm XT-20 for the same money and its a better camera. The EOS M50 is also available in April 2018.

Fujifilm X-H1

The Fujifilm X-H1 has been announced and released so my prediction and leaks were all correct. Thats a little bit exciting isnt it. We will hopefully have a hands on one in the next few weeks with a comprehensive review to follow.

Update Your Firmware Regularly

I just want to remind you guys to keep your camera firmware up to date as quite often manufactures will roll them out without actually saying a word on social media. A little bit of research goes a long way. I even still see people complaining about GH5 autofocus. It’s been a year guys use manual focus or sell the camera. Get over it. No one cares anymore.

That’s all for camera news. Until next time. You Peek, We Seek!