The Affordable, Compact, DSLR Killer – Fujifilm X-T20 Review


First off let me start off by saying that reviews are all well and good but you guys probably want to see some field test stuff as well so that’s what we’re going to be doing. If you’re interested in all of the numbers then skip this video. This video is for people who are interested in shooting with it not looking at a spec sheet. If you want to know what comes with the camera when you buy it, we did a unboxing not too long ago there is a little “i” in one of the corners above with a link to that video.

With all that out of they way let’s dive in.

Like the earlier X-Series cameras the X-T20 has a gorgeous magnesium alloy body. I have dropped our X-T20 a few times in Airports on the hard floors and it hasn’t skipped a beat so far.

Before I continue I want to address the bad stuff first. So I spend time talking about where this camera really shines!

*deep breathe/sigh* SD Cards inside the battery door is a bad idea. This is something I didn’t like about the Panasonic Lumix G7 and I don’t like it on the Fujifilm X-T20. I don’t understand why camera manufacturers are still doing this especially because anytime you have a tripod base plate on the camera you need to remove it to remove the card. I understand why for packaging reasons you can make the camera smaller but take the Lumix G85 for instance. It’s The same size as the Lumix G7 but the SD card slot is on the side.

SHOT: Flip out the screen and show it on in B-Roll

Okay first off the Electronic View Finder is magnificent but I find the screen on the rear has little to be desired. I just doesn’t look great when shooting or previewing compared to it’s bigger brother the X-T2. I know they are technically the same size display but the X-T2 just seems nicer for some reason. I guess that’s to be expected since the X-T2 is almost double the price.

Now onto the good stuff and there is a lot of good stuff.


How does it feel in the hand. Most small cameras in my hands or pretty much anyone who has sausage fingers will find that the X-T20 feels great and very comfortable. Even when shooting for extended amounts of time I didn’t feel like the size was an issue. So 10 points for size. Just to be clear we’re not actually using a point scoring system. It just sounds cool.

Dear camera manufacturers please give me more dials and tactile switches. I love that the X-T20 has dials and tactile switches. I feel like I’ve been whisked away to a time before sensors and megapixels. Back to a time when cameras only had the things that mattered on them. A time when all you needed was a shutter release and a few dials. That being said I do actually like the button placement on the body and with let’s talk about customisation.

Basically every single button can be remapped on the X-T20. There are quite a few pages of settings that can be mapped to each button including things like assigning a button specifically for ISO or focus points. My personal layout mirrors the layout I use on the Lumix G85 and GH5 so I can jump between cameras and not have to think about where things are. I love that this is becoming a thing with camera manufacturers.


Image Quality

Okay so now onto the really important stuff. How do the images look. Well that depends on the Glass. Every piece of photo and video in this review was shot on the XF 35mm f/2.0. If you’re wondering why well. I mentioned earlier. This is for the people who are actually shooting and I feel like this is the lens where this camera truly shines.


The image quality is phenomenal but more than that the colours that Fuji captures with this new sensor is simply….. Perfect. I found myself not wanting to edit anything because of how well the X-T20 captured the colours. But enough of me talking about it here are a few photos I shot recently on our trip to Fiji.


This is the part most of you have been waiting for. Not only does this camera shoot great photos it shoots 4K video! Personally if a camera doesn’t shoot 4K videos in 2018 then I don’t think I’d invest in buying it. Canon I’m looking at you!


Although the X-T20 doesn’t have F-Log like it’s bigger brother the X-T2 it still captures stunning video. A lot of people will complain that the limited record times are a problem but that’s not the point of this camera at all. The point of this camera isn’t to be a film making weapon, it’s to capture moments in time and boy does it capture those moments well.


These clips we’re all shot in the 4K 24fps mode, not 4K 23.blah blah fake 24fps mode. These were all shot in Fiji as well. I’ll let these clips speak for themselves.

Okay so who is this camera for? I feel like the Fujifilm X-T20 is for those photographers who are looking for a stylish travel camera or a Fujifilm shooter looking for a second body but more importantly, one part of the market many camera manufacturers neglect. The person who has not owned a dedicated photo camera before. Someone who is venturing over from shooting on their smartphone but wants to take it to the next level. The first time camera owner.

In conclusion

The controls are direct and clever. I feel like Fuji really spent time solidifying that. It’s just really easy to use. The image quality blows many of the bigger cameras out of the water and with Fuji’s extensive lineup of lenses for every type of shooting video the Fujifilm X-T20 is definitely a camera I can recommend.

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