So Fresh And So Clean – Thermaltake A500 TG Build


At Computex this year Thermaltake showed of some of the most captivating cases in a long time. Not only did they show off their Level 20 series of cases they showed off something else that tickled my fancy. The seconds I saw it. I wanted it. The day has finally come that we get hands on with Thermaltake’s new standard.

Lets talk parts party people. The motherboard we used for this build is the ASRock Fatality X470 Gaming K4. This is the last build you’ll see this board in because this machine is staying together as Klaires workstation.

The GPU we used is the Gigabyte GTX Titan X Pascal Founders edition. It may be aging a bit but boy has it aged well.

The CPU we used for this build is the AMD Ryzen  7 2700X. It needs no introduction. It is an amazing chip.

To cool the 2700X we used the Thermaltake Floe Riing 280 Premium AIO. This cooler is fantastic. We also filled the case up with some of the new Thermaltake Riing Trios to add that ultimate unicorn spew that you all love so much. Personally I don’t mind it.

The RAM were using is 16GB of Gskill Trident Z RGB clocked at 3200MHz. We love this 16GB kit and is one of our favourites.

Okay lets talk about the case it self. Just be aware and I cannot believe I have to say this but this is not a review these are just my observations from building in it.

AS far as the case goes I feel like Thermaltake has really stepped up their quality. The case feels solid and appears to have been cast from the core of a dying star. It is seriously so well constructed. When I took it out of the box I said wow that many times it would probably drive most people crazy.

I feel like Thermaltake has been listening to what people want both quality wise and functionality wise. It has a stack of USB ports on the front, well top as well as USB type C.

Its has these genius little cable routing clips built in that are in the perfect spots all over the backside of the case as well as more than ample cable tie down points. It is by far the easiest thermaltake case I’ve come across for cable management.

I feel like they grabbed good things from the View 32 and really sat down and had a think about what they could have improved. The swinging glass doors are almost the same except for the clever little thumb locking system and the magnets are significantly stronger than the View 32.

They added a full length basement with HDD sleds down there too which I like. They moved the sleds all the way to the front so you can actually fit in a decently sized power supply.

The airflow is decent. For a case that looks like like its completely closed off it isn’t. Around every single edge of the case are vents that provide great airflow.

There is a lot to like about the A500. I cannot pick a single thing I didn’t like from the top of my head. I really hope this is their new standard because if they keep making cases like the A500. They will really dominate the case market.