Is It A Handbag? – Think Tank Lily Deanne Lucido Camera Bag for Women – Review and Hands On


If you’re in the market for a compact bag to carry your camera gear in, but still want to keep the style of a handbag then the ThinkTank Lucido might just be your go to bag.

The Lucido looks like a handbag because it is! This bag is designed by women for women – Now that might sound cliche but it’s true! Thinktank brought on one of their senior designers and a Pulitzer prize winning photographer to design the ideal bag for the female photographer.

With a stylish finish, the Thinktank lucido combines the style of a handbag with functionality of a camera bag.

If you’re anything like me, when you want to travel light you need a bag that will carry your gear as well as a few of your daily extras.

The Thinktank Lucido is the ideal bag for this!

Style wise the bag is beautiful, the exterior is a mix of dakota leather and nylon with metal accents for the enclosures.

The flap that goes over the main part of the bag protecting the zipper has magnets on the underside for quick access to your gear. Size wise i feel it’s not too big but not too small that you need to compromise on the items you take with you wherever you go.

The Lucido comes in two colours – Licorice being the darker black version which i have and chestnut being the brown. Both of these colours look great in person and will take you from casual shoots to the most professional of settings.

Exterior storage wise, this bag has it all.

The front has two compartments, the first being under a weather proof leather flap where you can store all of your miscellaneous items such as business cards, pens and other bits and pieces – There are spaces set out in there to hold all of this which i love!

Nothing moves around unless you want it to.

Behind this first compartment is a larger zippered space which is fantastic for keeping items such as your phone, keys and memory cards in pocket where they wont fall out.

On the reverse side of the bag is a sleeve I store paperwork in as it’s the perfect size to keep it flat and crinkle free – But what I’m most impressed with on the outer side of the bag is a wide pass through which is designed for attaching your bag to rolling luggage – perfect for when you’re travelling or just carrying a lot of gear from shoot to shoot.

Each side of the Lucido has expandable side pockets, great for keeping water bottles, glasses and those larger items you may need in.

Carrying this bag is a breeze with the comfortable leather shoulder pad that distributes the weight of your gear easily. The strap itself is made from durable seat belt nylon webbing which i personally love, it has a nice secure feel to it.

The weight of this bag is also a great key point, with it weighing under a kilo without gear making it great as a piece of carry on baggage if you’re travelling.

Moving on to the interior of the bag, we start with the top flap that’s easily folded over while shooting to give you easy access to your gear via the oversized zipper at the top of the compartment.

Going into the bag there is plenty of space to store your gear!

The Lucido was designed to carry a  mirrorless or dslr system with 2-3 lenses and hoods inside.

For example I carry my 5dmkiii with a 40mm f2.8 pancake attached and a 35mm f1.4 and a Fujifilm XT20 with a 35mm f2.

The inside of the bag is lined with a durable but soft nylon with plenty of removable dividers – the great thing about this is that it lets you modify the space in your bag to suit your camera and lenses you carry.

At first some might be put off by the robins egg blue interior – but i find this helps me see my gear easily at a glance to grab the right bit of equipment without the fuss of digging through the bag.

Going further into the bag you will see each end of the interior there is a material compartment with an elastic top – these are great for holding your smaller bits you don’t want floating around – lens cloths, filters etc.

One side of the bag has a zippered compartment to store items where the other side has a soft space to hold up to an 8’ tablet or a notebook.

Thinktank are super generous with the dividers they provide with the bag, along with the dividers they also include a taffeta seam sealed weather-proof rain cover for extra protection of your gear.

If you’re in the market for a new handbag style camera bag, consider the Lucido by ThinkTank, you might just find what you have been looking for.