Water Cooling A Server – Server Build Part 2


In the last part of the server build series I built the server but ran into 1 problem. Securely mounting the Corsair H80i V2 AIO cooler. In this part I’m going to install a custom 3D printed part from my friend Seb in Melbourne that will allow me to adapt the dual 80mm fans to a single 120mm fan for all the watercooled server goodness.

Sorry its taken a little while for part 2, we’ve been super busy with the Black Panther. With all of that out of the way lets jump right in and pick up where we left off. Getting that water cooler installed properly.

In the next few parts ill be talking about configuration and how to setup a perfect homelab environment to do all of the cool things like running your own Plex server, setting up home automation and creating your own NAS.