Threadripper 2 Ready! – Noctua NH-U14 TR4 SP3 Review


Right now the talk of the town is Threadripper 2, So naturally Noctua sent us their NH-U14S TR4 SP3 CPU Air Cooler for the TR4 socket to check out and put through its paces in our typical gear seeking fashion.

I’ve been daily driving a Threadripper 1950X for a few months now and one of the things I have noticed with the chip is it can run very very hot when you’re doing real world things like video editing and rendering. Which is mainly what I use my Threadripper system for.

Because were a smaller channel AMD didn’t send us any of the new CPUs so our 1950X will have to do for now. So everything we talk about in this video from here on out is 1950X related.

Alright first of all lets see whats in the box and what you get for your hard earned money and take a little physical look at the cooler before we talk numbers.

The installation is very straight forward, so easy infact that I didn’t film it because its literally 4 screws and takes no more than 2 minutes to get the job done. So bonus points already for being really easy to install.

But I’m guessing you want to know about how it performs. Spoiler alert. Its really good. So whats good about about. Lets check out some numbers for you numbers people.

I tested this on my own personal editing rig. This is the rig I’m editing this video on right now as well. Lets talk about some of the specs of the system before we move on. The CPU as mentioned before is the Threadripper 1950X on the ASRock X399 Professional Gaming running bios version 3.2 which is the newest at time of filming. Memory is running with XMP enabled at 3000mhz.

The system is in the Cooler Master Cosmos C700P. If you want to check out the original build video for this system there is little i in the top right hand corner right now.

I only have 1 other TR4 compatible cooler that were going to compare the NHU14S against which is the Cooler Master ML240L with the TR4 bracket.

For these tests we let the system idle for 20 mins with each cooler installed to get a proper idle temperature and used the AIDA64 Stress test for 20mins with each cooler so we could get a proper set of temperatures for a fully loaded CPU

At idle with the Cooler Master ML240L we see the maximum temperature spike up to 46.1C with an average of 35.5C

At idle with the Noctua NHU14S we see the maximum temperature spike up to 43.5C with an average if 34C

At full load in AIDA64 with the Cooler Master ML240L we see an average temperature of 66.1C and a maximum temp of 66.6C.

Now here is the surprise for me and something I wasn’t expecting, well to be honest I didn’t know what to expect.

At full load in AIDA64 with the Noctua NHU14S the average temperature was 56.7C with a maximum temperature of 57.5C. Thats almost a 10C difference which in cooling performance is the difference between thermal throttling and maximum performance.

Ill just add this in as well. I didn’t really test this but it is something that I did notice. When I was playing Quake Champions with the Cooler Master ML240L the 1950X would boost to 3.7GHz hitting the 60C mark really easily but with the NHU14S the 1950X was boosting to just over 4.0GHz and not getting hotter than 40C. Thats incredible.

So at the end of the day would I recommend the Noctua NHU14S TR4 for your threadripper system. Well put it this way. The numbers dont lie. It is an absolute beast of a cooler and Im not going to back to an AIO on my daily driver. The Noctua NHU14S is here to stay. With that said were awarding the Noctua NHU14S TR4 SP3 the gear seekers gear of approval for best performance air cooler for threadripper.

What I cant say though is how it will perform on the 2990WX and the 2970WX but right now I can say on the 2950X and the 2920X it will be perfect considering the TDP of both of those CPUs are the same as the 1950X.