The Linux Workstation – Silverstone Primera PM01 Build


I’ve been meaning to build a permanent Linux machine for some time. I have been using the same hardware for my Linux machine for the last little while but I just hadn’t found the right case. Until now.

Silverstone sent over their Primera PM01 because they thought that it would be the perfect case for such a project. It is one of their high end airflow focused cases Lets see if its any good and deserves the title of King Of Airflow. This is not a review.

This build is a little bit of a work in progress but I wanted to share it with you guys in its current state. There are quite a few upgrades coming for it but were just waiting on some parts to arrive. That being said lets talk about all of the parts and share my observations about the PM01 at the end.

Lets talk parts..The motherboard we used for this build is still one of my favourite boards, Its the Gigabyte X99 Pheonix SLI. Its a few years old now but still packs in all the features of most of the current motherboards.

The GPU we used is the Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1060 6G however, Gigabyte is sending over their Windforce RTX 2070 that will live in this machine. Ill do an update video next week and well take a closer look at this machine and the RTX 2070.

The CPU we used for this build is the Intel i7 6900K. Its a 8 core 16 thread weapon and I used it for a long time as my primary editing workstation CPU.


To cool the 6900k we used the Corsair H100i Pro. I decided I wanted to tone the RGB back for this build so I decide to use the stock fans rather than swapping in some LL120s

The RAM we used is a 16GB kit of Gskill ripjaws v in dual channel but it is being swapped out with 2 16gb kits of Team Group TForce Vulcan ram later next week.

For storage we used a 250GB Samsung 970 Evo NVMe SSD. I have a PCIe card with 2 additional M.2s that Ill be adding next week as well.

Lastly the case. Its the Silverstone Primera PM01.

At first glance the case looked a little, how can I say, over the top and I didnt want to like it.

The fact of the matter is. The PM01 is a really well thought out case. Well most of it is and Ill talk about that shortly.

The front fans suck in more air than you could ever possibly need. It has an included RGB controller that can be controlled with either the button on the top of the case or passed through your RGB header from your motherboard. It has 3 140mmm RGB fans up front as well as rgb accents inside and outside the case. Aesthetically it is pretty awesome looking. All of the photos youve seen on the internet just do not do it justice.

The tempered glass panel is tinted. This is actually something I like. Most people either love tinted or hate it. I think it suits this case really well.

It includes a PWM fan hub that has more than ample fan connectors. I think 8 from memory you can double check that on their site.

All in all its a pretty great case, except for a few random things they could have fixed. Firstly the back side of the case has one of the smallest gaps for cable management ive seen in a few years.

This build doesnt have much in it at all and the fact that It took me a solid 5 minutes with the panel bulging out to put it back on is a little disappointing. Speaking of that panel when I was taking it off to start building it required a lot more force than should be necessary to take a side panel off. This could just be my sample though.

Ultimately these little things shouldnt stop you from buying this case. Like I mentioned I really didnt want to like the PM01 but its actually a pretty decent case and I actually like it. I like the odd futuristic styling and the airflow is really good. Does it deserve the title of King Of Airflow, well the jury is still out for now.

We will do an updated look at this case when we have the rest of the parts in it when its in its final form. Maybe youre wondering why I didnt just wait until I had everything, the truth is, I wanted to share this build with you now. GPU and memory shouldn’t decide whether or not you should see it now or later.