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The Best AIO For Ryzen 2? Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R RGB Review


Hey Gear Seekers I’m back and my name is Nick
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You may have seen our latest project the 2700x,
We had special water cooler that no one else has seen yet,
The MasterLiquid ML240R RGB
Were gonna talk about its flow at every degree
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Right anyways now that I’ve got your attention lets be serious and talk about cooler masters brand new flagship AIO water cooler the MasterLiquid ML240R RGB. We have had so many messages and comments about this cooler so in this video were going to talk about what makes it special and when you can get your hands on this awesome new cooler.

Okay so I’m not going to go into installing this because we have a separate video that’s coming that will show you how to install this on an AM4 socket but if you’re interested in how to install it on Intel sockets there is a video in the top right hand corner right now that shows you how to install the ML240L RGB which is identical to installing this cooler.

So what makes it different. Well quite a few things. First off lets talk about the coolest new feature the Addressable RGB. Yeah I know some of you aren’t into RGB lighting and people love to hate it but PC building is all about customisation and RGB gives you that ability to customise your system in your own way and the ML240R is no exception. It has fully addressable RGB on both the pump and on the 2 included fans with a brand new wired ARGB controller. But well come back to that. Lets talk about the fans first.

Cooler Master has designed some brand new addressable RGB fans that are designed for increased static pressure the MasterFan 120R. The idea behind them was to increase the airflow and keep the noise down and I think that they have done a really good job a doing this. Even at full speed they just aren’t that loud.

Personally that speaks to me because I cannot stand loud PCs. That’s kinda why I got into Water Cooling and AIOs in the first place. They are typically pretty quiet and the these new fans are no exception. Im a fan

Okay back the ML240R. There are actually heaps of new features other than the RGB stuff, but I want to focus on one of the most important changes with this new design. The dual chamber design. What does that even mean?

Put simply it increases the lifespan of the pump and makes it more resistant to fluctuations in temperature. If you have more questions about it feel free join our discord community and chat more about it there or drop a comment below.

Okay lets rewind and address that new RGB controller. See what I did there? Cooler Master has designed a brand new addressable RBG controller to replace their current RGB controller. But its not just any run of the mill RGB controller. It has some really clever tech behind it.

It’s got 4 independent connections for temperature sensors, USB to connect to your motherboard for software control. More on that later. Analogue RGB header for your legacy RGB stuff, SATA power and 4 Addressable RGB headers. Now here is one thing I like about this compared to other systems.

Firstly, the connectors are not proprietary so if you have any other RGB gear that uses standard 4pin RGB you can use it with no issues. Secondly, even the addressable RGB connectors are the standard 3 pin addressable header type found on most motherboards and addressable RGB components.

What about the RGB software. Well right now at time of recording this. Its not out. I have spoken to cooler master about the release date for the software and they have told me that it should be out on the 27th April 2018. Obviously I have it but I cant show it just yet. We do have a full overview coming for it so make sure you’re subscribed with notifications turned on.

Right now that we’ve got all the flashy things out of the way lets talk thermals. Before I talk about this there is a caveat, We only had time to test it on 1 CPU so your mileage may vary. The CPU we tested it on is the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X. The 2700X runs quite warm with the stock cooler so what difference does the ML240R make. Lets find out.

Before we begin the temperatures recorded were from the die temperature with HardwareInfo which reports the correct CPU temperature not the offset temperature that most software will report. Also we set the fans to 100% on both coolers and set the pump to 100% on the ML240R to even the playing field on both coolers. Finally the RAM was clocked to 3200MHz which increases overall temperatures as well.

With the stock Wraith Prism cooler the CPU at 20 minutes of idle we saw average temps of around 40C

After around 20mins of stress testing in AIDA64 we saw an average temperature of around 83C Thats pretty warm.

So how does the ML240R compare. At 20 mins of idle it saw an average temp of around 33C and after 20mins of stress testing in AIDA64 we saw an average recorded temperature of around 62C. Thats a 21C difference. Whattt! Crazy right!

Okay so when can you get your hands on one of these coolers? The world wide launch date is 22nd April 2018 which is tomorrow or if you’re watching from the future its out now. Like I mentioned earlier as well the software should be available for download from cooler masters site on the 27th of April 2018.

It comes with a 2 year warranty and The Australian recommended retail price is $139AUD or around $110USD which to be honest when compared to offerings from other brands its very competitive and based what you get for your hard earned money, it is definitely worth every cent.

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