Ultimate Budget Couch Gaming Setup – Phanteks Evolv Shift + Ryzen 3 2200G – Project Ryzenshine


So you may have seen that in our last video we picked up some new Ryzen APU parts and a Mini ITX motherboard. Well fellow Gear Seekers you’re in for a treat.

Lets rewind a little and explain why this computer exists. The other day Klaire was playing Stardew Valley and was getting frustrated at playing it on the Nintendo Switch because she had died and lost all of her items. 

I thought to myself “I’ve been playing Stardew Valley on my laptop a bit with mods for a little while. I can do whatever I want without actually dying and enjoy the rest of the game”

Lets not beat around the bush at the moment I’m a little bit of a Ryzen fanboy and just like Kyle from Bitwit every single problem can be solved with Ryzen.

We went with the Gigabyte AB350N- Wifi Mini ITX motherboard with 8GB of Hyper X DDR4 2400. The reason why we chose this board is because it has WiFi and Bluetooth built in and we’re using a Bluetooth Xbox One controller.

Obviously were going to need a case. There is only 1 case on earth that I would consider doing a Mini ITX build in that has the form and function with that sex appeal. The Phanteks Evolv Shift in Black. This case a just simply fucking gorgeous. Tempered glass all over and its just pure gear porn. We chose it because it allows us to add a full sized GPU later on if we want to turn this into a serious gaming machine.

This build was so much fun to do and its easily one of the most gorgeous cases to build in. I will say though. It’s definitely not the easiest case to build in and there were some bits that got me a little bit frustrated but who fucking cares. Its beautiful. Phanteks you nailed it.

As far as couch gaming is concerned were probably going to get some kind of lapboard setup. If you want to see us review a specific lapboard leave your suggestions in the comments below.