Portable and Powerful – MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC Mini ITX Build


Have you ever wanted to own a little portable LAN rig that is easy to transport and is as full featured as your desktop machine? Are you sick of lugging around a huge tower when you goto to your mates house with your PC for an all night gaming session. Wait do people even still do LAN parties?

You might remember that a few weeks ago we build a tiny Ryzen based system. What if I told you that in this video were going even smaller. Well thats what were doing.

Okay lets kick it off by talking about your favourite part, the parts. The motherboard were using for this build is the MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC. This board is absolutely tiny and it should be because its Mini ITX, it features a rear m.2 slot, 2 DDR4 ram slots, MSIs Core Boost technology that allows you to overclock on multiple cores and give you good clean power delivery. And a feature that is probably one of the biggest game changers, BIOS Flashback which allows you to update the BIOS with no CPU in the socket. Its great for when the eventual Ryzen refreshes happen and you want to upgrade your CPU without having to keep your old one or get a dummy CPU. 

The CPU were using for this build is the AMD Ryzen 5 2600. This little guy packs 6 cores 12 threads and can comfortably be overclocked past 4GHz while consuming next to no power at all. I love this CPU and its quickly becoming my pick for best gaming CPU this year.

The RAM were using is 16GB of G.Skill Trident Z RGB clocked at 3200MHz. I’ve had really great success with this memory on MSI X470 boards so I figured that it would work perfectly with their B450 offerings as well.

The GPU were using is the 4GB MSI GTX 1050 Ti. This card is perfect for 1080p gaming and that’s what you’d be playing at anyways if your machine is portable. Not only that the physical size of the card itself is pretty small and doesn’t require any additional power. Its completely powered from the PCIe slot.

Because this is a portable system were using a 250GB Samsung 970 EVO m.2 NVMe. It has more than enough storage for a few large games and its ridiculously fast.

The AIO water cooler were using is the Corsair H100i v2. Its kinda fitting given the case that were using and its also more than enough to cool an overclocked Ryzen 5 2600. I’ve also attached some corsair LL120 fans onto the radiator for maximum RGB.

Lastly is the case. Now this is an interesting story. Stathi and I build his old gaming rig in one of these and he still had this one in storage and since I didn’t have any Mini ITX cases right now, the iconic Corsair Graphite 380T will have to suffice. Its got a handle on it so it makes it portable.

One thing that really impressed with me with this MSI B450 ITX board was that they packed so much into such a small form factor. The VRM cooling although it doesn’t appear to be, is basically over engineered. Which is a good thing.

The system as a whole performed really well. It performed as well as the ASRock B450M Pro4 build that we did a few weeks ago. Which is not surprising given MSIs AMD based motherboard track record. One interesting point that was actually brought up in the comments of the first look video was how this board compares to the ASRock B450 ITX offerings. Well to be honest both boards are incredibly good. The only thing the ASRock board has that the MSI boards doesn’t have is USB type C. Right now, I don’t think that’s a huge issue. Let us know in the comments if USB type C is a deciding factor when you’re looking for a new motherboard. I’m genuinely curious. Ill also put a poll up in the right hand corner right now in case you don’t want to comment.

Overall I think MSI has done an amazing job with the B450I Gaming Plus AC and would love to get one of my own to build our new music production rig. Wink wink MSI.

If you’re interested in any of the parts shown and mentioned in this video there are links down below. If you use those links you’ll help us out a whole lot and help us keep this gear seeking dream alive.

Special thanks to AMD for supplying us with a CPU for this build as well as MSI for sending us this amazing little motherboard to play around with. Unfortunately we don’t get to keep this one. MSI if you’re watching though those new RTX 2080Tis look pretty juicy. You know where we live.