MSI MEG X399 Creation – First Look and Unboxing


With 2nd Generation Threadripper here and insane CPUs like the Threadripper 2990WX there needed to be a motherboard that could tame the beast. Although boards that came out during the first generation of Threadripper support the new 2nd generation CPUs the amount of power required needed some rethinking.

Were going to unbox and take a look at MSIs Flagship Threadripper x399 motherboard The Meg X399 Creation. If you didnt guess by the name. this board is aimed at high end content creation.

Okay lets stop talking and unleash the beast and take a look at MSIs latest work of art. It really is a stunning bit of kit.

This board does not come cheap. Threadripper and budget do not belong in the same sentence. There is nothing wrong with that though. Its not a platform aimed at gamers or max fps in crysis. Its design for guys like me who mainly use their PCs to create content. My personal editing rig is also a threadripper and I would love to throw this in my own workstation.

If youre interested in grabbing one of these boards they are going for around 530 dollars on amazon right now. There is a link in the description if you want to pick one up. Anytime you use one of those links you help the channel out.