HOWTO Install Corsair H100i PRO RGB & Unboxing (AMD AM4)


Sometimes reading the installation guide that comes with something that you spent your hard earned money on doesnt make sense and by that I mean, its not some guy on the internet showing you how to do it. Well im here to make your life a little bit easier and be that guy on the internet.

Corsair sent us one of their brand new H100i Pro all in one water coolers to check out so in this video I’m going to show you how to install The Corsair H100i Pro on your AMD slash Ryzen based system.

Just before we begin, I want to clear some stuff up because every time we do these videos about AIOs we get the exact same questions.

Number 1 no you don’t need to fill these coolers up with fluid or change the fluid or ever evens service these types of coolers.

Number 2 no it wont work with Aura sync

Number 3 every case is different so installation of the fans and radiators might be different to this guide

Number 4 no the included fans don’t have RGB

Number 5 watch the whole video before asking questions that will most likely be answered in this video.

If you have any questions about installing the H110i Pro on an AM4 socket  drop a comment down below or come join us on discord and have a chat. All of the products mentioned in this video can be purchased down below via our affiliate links.

Special thanks to Corsair for sending us this cooler for us to test and play with. I think this cooler is going to stay in this system. I love how it looks and the performance is really good. Ill probably end up reviewing this once I spend some proper time with it.

I will have an Intel installation guide coming in the next week or so, were just waiting for some new Intel CPU’s to arrive.