Corsair 4000D Gigabyte VISION Build Shot On The New LUMIX S5!


We set ourselves a challenge. We wanted to see if we could film an entire video on a single camera. Instead of building just any PC we decided we would build THE MOST REQUESTED PC yet! The Gigabyte VISION System in the Corsair 4000D all shot on the LUMIX S5! Check out the new LUMIX S5: CHECK OUT OUR BEST 20 BUILDS OF 2020: This video was entirely filmed on the LUMIX S5 camera unless it was being shown on screen. PCPartPicker List: BECOME A MEMBER: FLOATPLANE: DISCORD COMMUNITY: PATREON: MERCH STORE: Chapters 0:00 – Intro 0:16 – We’re Switching To The Lumix S5 0:48 – Why Are We Switching To The Lumix S5 1:10 – Setting The Challenge 1:47 – The Rest Of This Video Is Shot On The Lumix S5 2:33 – Build Time 7:07 – Extended Cinematic Mode 10:19 – Our Experiences With The Lumix S5 So Far 10:38 – What We Used To Shoot This Video 11:48 – Matching Colour Gamuts In Post 12:26 – The Lumix S5 Keeps Up With Us 13:05 – Integrated Workflow 13:40 – We We’re Going To Buy The Lumix S5 Anyways 13:50 – Adaptable Lens Mount 14:38 – Excellent Size 15:43 – The Parts #TinyTechMightySpec #PanasonicLumixS5 #MovingImagesForward #FullFrameWithoutCompromise #LUMIXS5 #VISION #Corsair