ASUS TUF Z370 Plus Gaming Motherboard – First Look and Unboxing


I know we don’t cover a lot of Intel based stuff right now on the channel and that’s not by choice. Its just what were given as review samples from the companies that are willing to let us get our hands on their products. Well that’s until now. When we did the TUF gaming build with Cooler Master last month ASUS was amazing enough to send us their TUF Z370 Plus Gaming motherboard

I’ve actually used this board a fair bit since ASUS sent it to us. In fact I was using as my main gaming rigs motherboard for about a month. It is a very good board and for anyone who wants a well priced feature packed Z370 board, This is the one to get for sure. We did a build with this board if you want to check that out, there is a link in the top right hand corner right now. If you want us to do a proper review on it let us know. The only problem now is, we don’t have any Intel CPUs to put on it anymore.

If you’re interested in grabbing one of these boards there is a link in the description. They are going for around 140 US dollars right now on amazon. Anytime you use any of the links in the description to buy anything you’re helping out more than you could ever possibly know. If you wanted to support us as well we have a Patreon too. I never mention it because I feel like its begging.

Special thanks to ASUS Australia for hooking us up with this awesome motherboard. I just wanted to add this in as well because I like to be transparent with you guys. Every ASUS board I’ve ever used and owned has always failed on me. This is the first ASUS board that I’ve ever used that has been stable and that I’ve enjoyed using. Its the board that has made me change my mind about ASUS. I guess I’ve just been unlucky with them. Feel free to hate me in the comments.