Affordable 32″ 4K 10bit Monitor For Content Creators – AOC U3277PWQU 4K 32″ Monitor Review


Do you feel like there are just too many monitors to look at these these days. Every single time I look at new monitors I am bombarded by model numbers that don’t make sense. Well they do make sense to me but maybe not to everyone. It’s easy to be confused by certain wording like Ultra HD 4K. But what does that even mean? Well

Just because it says its a 4K display and it’s cheap doesnt always mean that its a good display. Remember that it’s only a resolution. But what if you found a monitor was a combination of those 3 things. In this video we’re going to take a closer look at the AOC U3277PWQU 10bit 4K display. See even that name was hard to say.

Okay lets address the elephant in the room.

No not me funbucket09. I didn’t know elephants had mustaches.

The sheer size of this thing is a little confronting at first. It is huge by monitor standards. But thats brings me to the first thing I like about this monitor. I like that at 100% scaling on this monster I don’t feel like I need a magnifying glass to see anything.

One of the best things about this screen is it’s ability to handle 10bit content. Okay let me explain what that is. Typically with high contrast images on your screen when you have a display that is only capable of 8bit content you will see banding and artifacts around certain content.

So as madotter would do, let’s change gears and pump the brakes. This monitor is not designed for gaming. It’s all about content creation. As well as being a 10bit display it is also one of the very few monitors in this price range…. Wait in any price range that has native support for DCI-P3. DCI-P3 is basically the colour standard that every single movie studio uses when producing movies for consumption in both the cinema and on UHD bluray. Wait did I just talk about bluray. Who even still uses physical media? Anyways.

All of the might be a bit of an assault on your brain and you might be trying process all of that information. But here is why we decided get this monitor and add it to one of our editing workstations. Not only does this display support 10bit 4K, all of our camera gear that we used to make this content is also all in 10bit 4K. If you’re creating content like we are its important to be able to see what you’re capturing.


Like I mentioned earlier this monitor isn’t aimed at gamers it’s aimed at those out there who want that extra screen real estate with exceptional colour reproduction who are creating captivating content. Or for those people who have 4 monitors who want to effectively replace it with a single screen. Or just because it’s really big and cool.