Presonus Eris E3.5 Active Media Reference Monitors – Review


We’ve had the Presonus Eris e3.5 speakers for around 4 weeks now and we wanted to give them a proper run before talking about how they are. We aren’t in the habit on unboxing something and reviewing them straight away because we cannot give you a true opinion and purchasing advice on something we know little about.

Whether you’re someone that loves to listen to your favourite artist exactly as they recorded their music, play video games or create your own video and audio projects. The fidelity matters.

Why does it matter?  Well, In each of these situations, hearing the sound clearly and truthfully is the difference between a good listening experience and an amazing listening experience.

The PreSonus Eris E3.5’s are designed to project the exact sound profile that content creators envision as their creating their projects. Sound engineers call this flat response.

What does that even mean? Well to simply put it means no EQ, no bass boost and no fine tuning that alters the sound you’re hearing.

Sound designers and producers spend a lot of time and money creating a particular sound balance, so you can feel like you are right there in the game, or in the movie or part of the song. You get the idea.

This is where your standard multimedia computer speakers fall apart and where the Presonus Eris e3.5’s shine. The Eris e3.5’s offer studio-monitor sound at a multimedia speaker price.

This leads me into the one of the most important parts of this review right out of the gate.

The Price.

The low price point is basically unbelievable for quality of this product. Let me put this into perspective. Think about an average multimedia speaker company. They will release a set of speakers for around $200 and their product will sound average at best. They have an inhouse designer come up with an idea of how each of the cabinets should look and basically jam some really average drivers into that cabinet and call it a day. At this point they are just printing money because people don’t know any better. You walk into the store, spend that $200, plug them in and they just sound well….. Shit. You then ask yourself “Why did I just spend $200 on this garbage!?�

Presonus approaches this very differently. They use a little thing called R&D or for the non-versed Research and Development. Basically they spend literally millions of dollars on developing and designing speakers that have the perfect balance of size, sound profile, frequency response and aesthetics to produce some phenomenally accurate sounding speakers. At this point they are basically giving the Eris E3.5s for free and charging you a pleasure tax because they know that their hard work has paid off. The Eris e3.5s are really that good.

The only way I can describe this is with a few little audio demos. Keep in mind. This audio was created with an audio recorder and it’s not perfect so make sure you put some good headphones right now….. I’ll wait. Okay let’s do it.

The e3.5’s share the same R&D and technology as the larger Eris speakers to deliver that truthful sound with an accurate frequency response. The main difference being that the 3.5’s are small enough to fit pretty much anywhere.

Every speaker uses a custom-woven 3.5� Kevlar low frequency driver. This mini woofer, no not not a chiwawa, is ridiculously punchy and consistent. This gives the sound a clear and distinguished mid-to-low end without any muddiness. I couldn’t believe how much bass these little drivers produced.

The 1″ silk-dome tweeter pushes out a smooth and balanced high-frequency response with a wide sweet spot, so even when you’re moving around, playing games or walking around as you watch your video productions, you still can always hear a truthful sound.

There is a 50W amplifier inside that delivers 25 watts of power per side and gives you more than enough sound for your application.

Connections on the front include and Auxiliary input for your phone and headphone output. It has a well placed volume knob and power switch as well.

On the rear of the main speaker you will find a high / low EQ so you can boost or turn down either of the high/ low frequencies by 6dB. At full blast, they will give you around 105dB of SPL This is more than enough to annoy your mum, Your wife, Your housemates or even the neighbours. You also have RCA and TRS inputs as well,You have three different ways to plug in and playback your audio.

So who are these speakers for?

They are for people like me. People who don’t want to have have huge studio monitors on their desk or have crappy little multimedia speakers. We want that perfect balance of size, performance and price. And I feel like the E3.5s really hit that sweet spot.

In conclusion

When it’s time for you to replace those crappy “computer” speakers with some serious 2-way professional studio monitors, the Eris E3.5’s will be beckoning to be on your desk “Nick, you can have me for free, just pay that pleasure tax and I will be all yoursâ€�. Weird… anyways.

Honestly there isn’t much to dislike about these speakers. I would like to have seen the inclusion of some XLR inputs as the main monitor outputs on my Presonus AR12 Mixer are XLR but that’s just me being super picky.

The Eris E3.5’s are consistent, accurate, smooth and even. There is a reason that Eris monitors are so popular. Presonus listens to their community and they deliver on the feedback they receive. Their compact and powerful design makes them an ideal solution for everyone.