So before we get started, we’re going to break this down into two different segments. The first is wheel stands – which tend to be much more affordable and bedroom friendly and then simulators which tend to be less affordable but a must for those who want to get as close as possible to the real deal.

We start off wheel stands with the VEVOR Wheel stand which has full compatibility with wheels from both Logitech and Thrustmaster as well as Fanatec pedals. The stand is a powder coated heavy gauge steel and is easy to assemble. The wheel stand’s height can be adjusted from 22 inches right up to 30.7 inches and is foldable for easy storage. This stand won’t be moving on you during use it it has four non-slip rubber pads – which are removable so it’s ideal for use on wooden or bare floors. This stand features clear pedal access with no centre bar which I think is a must and also as a bonus includes a gear shifter bracket right in the box. This stand can be had, at the time of filming, for just $109.99 and is our cheapest stand today!

The second stand in this section is the well known and loved Next Level Racing Wheel Stand LITE. This stand is again a solid powder coated structure which boards a folding time of less than 10 seconds for fast storage. Like the Vevor it also comes with a gear mount included but this one can be mounted on either the left or right so that will keep you Americans happy, as well as us Brits! The stand has a completely adjustable height and angle and even has pedal distance and angle adjustments so you really can make this one fit you perfectly. The only downside for me, although not everyone minds, is the centre post. Some people can find this annoying if they bang their knees on it. The stand comes pre-drilled for Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels and pedals and can be had now for $149.02. Next Level are a big name in the sim racing world so you know you’re getting a good product for the money.

The third and final wheel stand we are going to be checking out is from GT Omega. The wheel stand is a great solution for racers wanting their wheel and pedals in an ergonomic racing position. The unite folds up fast and reduces to a surprisingly small size. The wheel stand has enough adjustment to cover almost any situation from driving with an office chair to a dining table chair – and even in front of the sofa. The wheel stand is a powder coated box tube setup which is finished in gloss black paint. The base features rubber grips on the bottom for stability and features 2 different angles and height adjustment not to mention the wheel platform which also features 3 different adjustments. This stand is pre-drilled to offer support for Logitech, Thrustmaster and all Fanatec wheels and pedals. It doesn’t have that – can be annoying – centre post and can be had for $149.99 at the time of filming.

We are going to kick this off with the cheapest, and it’s not cheap, simulator – The GT Omega Pro Racing Simulator. This comes complete with a wheel stand which is part of the seat – racing seat that is, has a console holder (which can be used as a mouse area) and a swivel it out the way keyboard tray, a monitor stand which can take up to a 50 inch screen, a gear shift plate and even speaker holders for that full surround sound experience! It even includes a drinks holder for easy to reach hydration!! This simulator is the all in one package and has a complete steel frame with black powder coated finish, very sturdy design with clear pedal access and is compatible with all common wheels and pedal sets on the market. The wheel mount is adjustable, the gearshift mount is adjustable, the keyboard tray is adjustable, the pedal plate is angled and it comes with that full size, fully reclinable GT Omega black and red RS6 with seat sliders for easy adjustment. Adjustment is the main focus here and my word is it. This is the actual simulator that I use in my home, down stairs, every day, seriously, every single day. I love this thing and trust me when I say you would do too. You can order this one right now, have it at your door for $549.95 which may seem a lot but it is worth it if you have the money and are serious about having a great sim experience.

Next up we’re back with Next Level and their GT Ultimate V2 cockpit. This one is completely adjustable and includes extras such as a seat slider, gear shift holder, lumbar support cushion and a “I FEEL LIKE I’M REALLY DOING IT” 4 point racing harness. It’s build for extreme comfort with custom designed, reclining fibreglass race seat and can be upgraded with their Motion Platform which adds realistic movement however this does cost an additional $3000 – yup, it’s quite a lot! It’s compatible with all major wheel and pedal sets and boasts that it is used by professional drivers such as Red Bull Racing’s mad Mike Whiddett, GT Academy winner Matt Sims and rally driver Ricardo Costa Jnr. Unlike the GT Omega, you don’t get a stand for your monitor but this can be ordered today from Amazon for a cool $624.38.

So for the final simulator, we have the Playseat Red Bull Racing F1. This simulator is made so you feel like you are in a real F1 car. The seat, pedal and wheel position has been carefully made to be in the exact position a real F1 driver would be in. There’s no sitting back and relaxing in this one and may not suit all sim racers but if you want that 100% F1 experience, there is no better. It’s compatible with all steering wheel and pedal sets on the market and features a patented Red Bull blue coated framework and racing seat (other colours are available) and is used by professional Red Bull drivers – Including Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. It has, as you’d expect, a superior build quality, top stability and comfort. Again, no monitor stand with this one and it comes in at a price of $1,449 at the time of filming.

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